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Avalanche Investment

Portfolio management

We take all the investment decisions on your behalf

Avalanche Investment Portfolio Management team will form the portfolio according to suitability assessment and pre-agreed following criteria:

• Customer objectives

• Risk tolerance and ability to bear losses

• Return expectations

• Currency preferences

• Liquidity constraints

We manage your portfolio based on our best knowledge and practise exploiting Avalanche Investment expertise on financial markets and macro analysis.

We offer:

• Constant review of portfolio and investment environment

• Managing the risks

• Capturing markets’ return potential

• Liquid, diversified and transparent portfolios

• Access to interactive reports portal

Avalanche Investment Investors

The investment platform you can invest in more than 13 000 instruments including stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds

Other investment solutions

• Equities and bonds from all over the world. Access to equities and bonds traded at different stock exchanges

• Exchange traded funds (ETF), which allow for investments with spread risk and a suitable risk and income ratio

• Avalanche Investment pension funds (second and third pillar)

Daily investment

Basic services
Professionalism and excellent service are our priority in the provision of daily services

We offer:

• An account manager who is familiar with your daily investment activities

• The possibility to conduct your transactions remotely

• Flexible approach for investment products and services

• Individual rooms for the safety and confidentiality of your financial transactions.

Market overview

Our experts regularly share their insights and forecasts, make evaluation and analysis on fresh statistics, explain economics and financial markets changes and tendencies in simple and understandable way.
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